Dev Process Log #003

Hey everyone. I know that it has been a while since there has been a update and there is a reason for it. Ever since I started this tracker project I have been going full throttle since its launch for Alpha. As you can imagine with me being the only Lead for coding this project I need some time to myself which I hope you understand. There are more ideas in the works and planned to be in future releases so believe me when I say its coming. The tracker is the only thing I have been doing in my free time and need a break. In a few weeks primary development will continue BUT I still fix bugs when you all bring them to my attention and I still offer small custom code edits for personal use for free, I do not charge for support yet. Expect the next update to improving the DMG counter again. There needs to be a custom statement for the Polyphemus item. Well until next time, I will see you all later.


Project Lead


Eval Version 3 ChangeLog! (Est.)

He all!

Future here!

Here is most of the change log for Eval version 3. Some things on this change log are not final but will give you an idea of what to expect. Enjoy!


IMPORTANT – A copy of Eval 3 will need to be requested on the new thread at launch, but current Eval 2 tester(s) will receive the update and download/update Link via Twitch PM on launch day. However, Eval 2 will be free for all without the need to request!!!

EVAL 3 v0.1.4(x) – To be determined


Primary Fixes/Additions:

– There is now a “Last Item” field to give a description for you last picked up item

– There is now a Damage counter to give you an Idea of the damage you are dealing (Current general estimate not 100% accurate … yet)

– A Guppy Item pick-up counter to help you keep track of that progress

– Image of your current character for that run to Identify who you are after a crazy amount of items

[Below May not be included on release, still in the works]

– A GUI front end for the script start-up questions instead of using the command prompt window


Secondary Fixes/Additions:

– Isaac Game Font now used instead of System Ariel (Font included with installer no need for manual fetch)

– Window width now locked, no longer adjustable (Due to Last Item Description)

– Items per row now locked, no longer adjustable (Due to Last Item Description)

– Added character images for when playing Co-Op (Not yet fully implemented yet)


Other Notes:

– We are taking layout suggestions on our forms to have other layout options to choose from at script launch

– We have another Pixel Artist in the works that could be used to replace the crappy boss icons with custom ones for this tracker



Dev Process Log #002

Hey everyone. Just an update since we are wrapping up day 1 of evaluation version 3 development. First thing right out of the gate is I have to say that the GUI front end for the script boot-up questions is being put on the back burner. It has to do with some of the limitations of the pygame library that we are using. Now that’s out of the way… Today we are about 70% finished with the ‘Last Item Description’ field for newly picked up items. All that’s left is to finish up is the item descriptions text file that the script pulls from. We have not started on the ‘Current Character’ indicator and the ‘Stats Tracker’ yet. The character indicator will take no time at all but the stats tracker will take some time. We have to assign positive and negative values to EVERY item ID number in the tables/lists that effect player stats. We still don’t know if the stats tracker will start at all ‘0’s or start with you character base stats then go from there. (+ or -) We are making the decision to lock the trackers width at 1200 pixels (its current default) and lock the items per row at 24 (its current default) as well.  This is due to a complication with the item description field and its placement that if the window was any smaller, some items will cause that field to run off the screen. So be prepared to see the screen width and item row length questions at script boot-up absent in the next release. We do have more features planned that will cause us to have to increase the tracker windows overall height to make for more room. Well… that’s about it for now. If you missed the tweet take a look at the before and after shot of the tracker from today’s work. Until next time guys, talk to you later!

(Project Lead)

– FutureisOpen

Dev Process Log #001

Hey everyone. It looks like Evaluation version 2 (Alpha)0.1.25 is off to a good start. We found 2 primary bugs that we managed to fix (thanks to Alcohol_Arcade for finding) and re-released a patched version of the Eval version 2 installer. Sadly, for now, the Double Trouble boss tracker fix is going to be delayed. The reason for this is that we want to improve the experience and overall look of the Tracker. Our next feature we will be spending more time to replace the CLI (Command Line Interface) start-up sequence with a GUI interface instead. This would involve buttons to toggle custom sounds on and off, a text box or slider to help you select your background colour with a possible colour preview window and a ‘Default All’ button to accept all previous values that were entered the last time you started the script. This will be our primary focus over the next week. No official word on when Evaluation version 3 will be released yet. Well that’s about it for Dev update number 001 for now. We will be in touch. If you experience any issues, please contact Myself, or Joka, or post a bug report in the forums. Remember, we couldn’t do this without ALL OF YOU! :)

– Project Lead


Double Trouble Bug, We need Your Help!

Hey everyone, our most recent tester (Alcohol_Arcade: Twitch Channel) found a bug with “double trouble” bosses. The reason we need the tester’s help is because in the log file for Isaac the bosses are referenced by a ID # and not their names. So if you come across a double trouble boss and kill them the tracker will crash. Please make a post in the bug section on the forum in This thread (Here) and please include what the double trouble boss was, with the seed and just attach your log.txt file located in “%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Games\binding of isaac rebirth\” directory. Thank you all so much. It really means a lot to us! We will have a temporary fix soon as a place holder until we have all the boss IDs identified.


-Project Leads

EDIT: We have ‘for now’ disabled Double Trouble fights from appearing on the boss tracker section, this will stop the script from crashing but will not register the boss kill. This will most likely not be 100% fixed until we feel Evaluation Copy version 3 is ready for testers. Sorry

Evaluation Download/Install Issue

It has come to our attention that due to the fact that our project is in early stage of development that there is a issue with the installer. Our installer comes packaged with the Python2.7 and Pygame run environments that you need to run the ‘python Isaac tracker’ script. It still however relies on a .bat file to copy the files required to run the script (like sounds and item images) to their proper locations. Since this is a new start up, we don’t have the ability to use a different install method and register it with a valid certificate. Due to this issue, testers have reported that browsers, such as Chrome, are throwing the installer away once the download is complete and marks the installer as malicious but qualifies as a false-positive. I do apologize for this and we will work on trying to correct this issue. As for now its not possible. We do not have a easy method for windows installation with our current resources. I completely understand that in today’s world people are very cautious when it comes to viewing web pages or installing software. Everyone has the right to take precautions to protect themselves. However, as I said before, we are looking into a new install methods that will be more official in the eyes of Browsers when it comes to file downloads. If you don’t want to download this for that specific reason or would like to wait for a installer with a “registered certificate” I understand fully. For those that choose to trust us and give our tracker a try, and help make it the best it can be and to help the Isaac streaming community, you have our sincere thanks.

(Project Leads) – Future and Joka

Evaluation Version 2 Released!

Hey everyone, Evaluation version 2 is out now! Here is the change log for what has been altered and added.
Change Log:
(Alpha) EVAL-0.1.25

Primary Fixes/Additions:
-Added EXE installer for ease of use (Removed zip and batch file method)
-Defaults for script questions at launch can now be accepted just by pressing ‘Enter’
-Items can no longer duplicate on tracker when NOT required
-Refresh rate altered to improve performance
-Sound Events Added (Example: After maxing a Item row, Mario coin sound plays)
-New Boss tracker for primary bosses killed (Mini and sub bosses not counted)
-New stand alone exe installer (No longer using zip and bat file method)

Secondary Fixes/Additions
-Tracker window Title Bar renamed
-Seed Text location has been bumped slighly higher
-Sound (.wav) files added for sound feature
-Boss images added to Collection folder for Boss Tracker
-Some core values changed to help stability
-Some housekeeping to improve code look and performance

Side Notes:
– We possibly have someone making us custom boss tracker images so they fit better and also look better at lower resolutions, could arrive by next update!